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Q. Do I have to drive an old car on the route?
A. No, any car can participate, but we're encouraging vintage autos (pre 70's) or alternative-fuel cars as part of the "100 years of Automotive Innovation" theme.

Q. Is this a timed "Race"?
A. No. This is is more like a caravan or convoy of sorts, rather than a race. Its purpose is to pay tribute to the participants of the 1908 endurance race. There are no prizes awarded, no winners or losers...just the joy of taking part in the Longest Auto Race Centennial celebration.

Q. Is there an entry fee?
A. No. We feel this event should be available to anyone who wants to participate in this tribute to the automotive industry. By making each individual responsible for their own fuel/food/lodging expenses, participants can set their own budgets.

Q. Do I need to notify someone if I'm joining the race?
A. Yes. Some of the host cities are requesting advance notice of the number of driver participants. Please e-mail Judi Quan-Rizzuto

Q. Do I have to participate for the full 3 weeks of the trip?
A. No. Our goal is to create a flexible schedule so a wider range of participants can fit the trip into their busy lives. People are free to join in at any point along the route and leave when it suits their needs.

Q. Are their guidelines or ground rules?
A. Yes, we do have a brief list of ground rules to follow. Additionally, we're looking for fun-loving, flexible and adventurous souls who want to have a good time.

Q. Is there a map for the trip?
A. Yes, there is a route map, re-enacting the original Leg of the Historic 1908 race.

Q. How many miles will the caravan average per day?
A. On average, approx. 200

Q. Will there be time for sightseeing?
A. Only as the travel schedule allows. Though we'd love to accommodate side trips, the first priority of the Longest Auto Race Centennial is to re-enact the original route of the Great Race participants.

Q. What about lodging? Can I make hotel/motel reservations in advance?
A. Yes, you can make reservations in advance, if you prefer, but we recommend that you reserve no more than two days in advance to allow for unforeseen circumstances or celebrations. See our recommended lodging list.

Q. Are there any special events planned on the drive from New York to San Francisco?
A. Yes. Several towns and historical societies located along the route have contacted us with offers of celebratory events as we pass through their towns. These events have been scheduled into the itinerary, and are subject to change.

Q. Where & when do the participants assemble?
The participants will gather at the Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel in East Rutherford, NJ on October 17 for a pre-departure meeting.

Q. What is the plan for departure?
A. On the morning of Oct. 18, at 9 am, the group will caravan to Times Square. At 10:15, an air horn blast will mark the official start of the Longest Auto Race Centennial.

Q. Can anyone greet the LARC participants at the finish point?
A. Yes. Check back as the arrival date draws nearer. We will post an approximate arrival time so you can greet them at the San Francisco Ferry Building on Nov. 8.

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