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We're back, though reluctant to leave our road adventure behind. It was an incredible experience, filled with lots of unexpected historically significant side trips, detours, good humor and amazing comraderie.

We still can't believe our luck with the great group of folks who participated, the number of car breakdowns that never slowed us down, nor the dozens of folks across the U.S. who came seemingly out of the woodwork to act as our personal guides to some remote, but significant destination...places the group would NEVER had a clue existed.

We followed much of the same route as George Schuster (winner of the Great Race), drove into railroad tunnels he went through, followed along desert tracks that he followed, astounded at our good luck with the weather (for the most part) and the open arms that welcomed us on our cross-country journey.

To see for yourselves, click on the link below to start with our Daily Travelogue. (nearly completed) From there you can link to even more photos and individual entries.

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Jeff Mahl, great-grandson of George Schuster, winner of the celebrated 1908 Longest Auto Race, was with us for 2 of the 3 weeks journey, sharing his vast knowledge of that early-day race with Centennial participants. For more background on the historic race of 1908, visit Jeff's web site.

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Our goal was to have an authentic and genuine automotive tribute to the Great Race of 1908. Little did we know how far our expectations would be exceeded. Words cannot do justice to express our appreciation to all of our guardians along the way...those who provided nourishment, guidance, enthusiasm, heartfelt
tribute and mechanical support all along our route.

Special thanks to Joe and Judi Rizzuto (and Angel) for their much-appreciated organizational skills and patience. We might still be in New York if it weren't for their abilities to keep us on track.

And to the core participants...who knew that we could gather 18+ folks from around the globe, on such short notice, distilling them into one well-oiled, good humored group, and not have one single moment of disharmony? Even those participants who joined us for just a day or two quickly blended in, making it difficult to bid them farewell.

Our sincerest thanks to every single person who contributed to make this journey so memorable. All of you occupy a special place in our hearts.









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